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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. actually was quite a good job. [laughter] >> mr. john redwood. >> they feel the private sector recovery and the chancellor updated when we may be in a position prudently to make those funds available when you might start to make a profit for the taxpayer and what he considered the comments of those of us who think it does need to be flooded to have defensible banking. >> chancellor. the >> again, i very much respect my right honorable friend plan. as an aggressive plan to reduce the bank elements of rbs. the plan is on track. as i said to this house earlier want to see more done and rbs is reducing the size quite considerably of its investment bank and of course it's also had advice recently from the financial policy committee. i hope it takes that advice into account. >> alistair darling. >> mr. speaker, the profiler pricing growth today looks remarkably similar to the same profile in 2010, which singularly trailed to materialize. is that one of the reason businesses that target. is there any reason we have more confidence the next set of figures which so recovered the ball to capital
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the foreign relations committee, and disabled marine veteran john kerry. this is what he said. and i quote here in 1968 i arrived in the non-assigned to first battalion 27th marines have said infantry platoon commander. five months later i was shot and injured in a fire fight. after months of rehabilitation i arrived back home in western new york a disabled veteran. although my friends and family welcome me home, society did not receive me quite as well. while there were certainly tension on the politics of the vietnam war, it was the inaccessibility of my environment that made me feel the least welcome. i returned to a country not ready to receive me as a man who now used a wheelchair. that was the reality of an honors soldier would overcome -- the reality had to overcome until the united states improved laws to protect disabled. it is still a reality in many places overseas, places for a better at disabled citizens will likely travel in the future either for business or pleasure. we must ratify this treaty because protect the disabled and the united states of america and the right thing
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
. this system is a voluntary system. i think this team answer applies to his system as well. >> john whittingdale, my friend agrees. but there's there is almost no universal agreement that we must have a stronger regulator and it must be seen to be independent and that it must be established as quickly as possible. however, can i very strongly welcome my friend's statement. the question of whether or not the regulator should have statutory underpinnings, something the parliament needs to consider carefully. perhaps the effectiveness by this committee, we should only proceed to legislate if it becomes absolutely clear that it will not function properly without that. >> i think my honorable friend makes an important point. he has probably spent more time looking at this issue than almost any member of this house of commons. what matters is the enormous consensus there is about what independent regulation should consist of. the powers that are necessary. we all need proper investigation and prominent apologies. that is what victims deserve and that is what we must put in place. he is ri
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
that there be a first-time home buyer market. >> hello, i am tom stanton and i teach at johns hopkins and i would like to go back to the discussion which is somewhat different than the discussion of authorities that congress might give it to adjust premiums or whatever. and i am curious, sarah rosen wartell, you and nick timiraos propose this in the mid-90s, and the private mortgage insurance industry killed that so fast, all of our heads spun. i had friends in the industry he told us how they dislike the idea. what are the politics this time around? that strikes me as one of the few ways that one can get to the improvements of the process and systems. >> well, my experience has been in regards what the opportunities are now. there are many ideas embodied in this proposal. one was the ability to deal with flexibility of hiring and a the computer systems and the like. the other was giving us the ability to essentially develop the products that we serve. i think the real objection is about the product flexibility. the ability meant that the industry players who were so competitive had a mechanism to put
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4